Fair Vendors

Vendor Information and Pricing

If you are interested in becoming a vendor of any kind at the McHenry County Fair the first step would be to fill out the application. The application will let us know what kind of booth you will be (food/concessions, sales, informational, crafter, etc.), how much room you need, and what is required from us (i.e. electric/water). From there the committee will meet and decide if there is space available and if so which space on the grounds best suites the needs of your booth. The committee usually has their first meeting in April and their second meeting in May. It is difficult to know the available spaces until all vendors from the previous year, who are in good standings, have responded as to if they are returning to the fair. Their due date is not until June 1st.

There are many different locations for vendors:

Midway: This area is the most traveled by our over 80,000 spectators. There are four different roads in the Midway that vendors are along. Tents are usually not provided by the fair unless otherwise specified. The fair does work with a company for tent rental. Prices do vary for tent rental so if interested please contact the office. The price for a space along one of the Midway roads is $25 per frontage foot needed along the road.

Building C: This building is towards the west end of the grounds by the livestock barns. It is air conditioned and has a black top floor. Vendors in this area should be related to sales which will create a shopping center area for fair goers to go through and enjoy. Booths are $325 for each 10’X10’ space.

Crafter Tent:  I wanted to let you know that this year the McHenry County Fair will be offering a Craft Fair during the McHenry County Fair.   The McHenry County Fair will be held August 3 – 8, 2021. Our goal is to have one tent totally dedicated to craft vendors and classes.  We will offer 3 different vendor options.  Please watch for  Craft page for Vendor Rules and Contract coming soon.