Fair Rules

1. Fair gates will open at 7:00 am

2. The Board of Directors reserves the right to cancel any and all events and premiums in case of a calamity, storms, or any unavoidable circumstance.

3. The Fair Association is not responsible for loss of, injury to, or damage to persons, animals, or property due to fire, theft, or any other cause.

4. NO DOGS ALLOWED ON THE GROUNDS unless approved by the Board of Directors to be used for an act or show.

5. No weapon may be brought to the Fair, at any time, except those permitted to be carried by police officers and those that may be a part of an approved sales display. Definition-Weapons: A knife, except common kitchen and cooking knives, pocket knives with a blade no longer than 3 ¼”, or the knives on a Leatherman type hand tool; devices from which a projectile can be fired, except a tool used for construction or maintenance type activities; electronic devices such as stun guns and Taser guns; firearms of all types and sizes, whether loaded or unloaded; clubs that are not tools; bows, arrows, sling-shots, crossbows, metal knuckles, nunchucks, stars and other similar devices.

6. Picketing or protestors shall only be permitted within a designated area of the parking Class outside of the main gate fence of the fairground activities.

7. All gates will be locked at midnight. No vehicles will be allowed access after 11:00pm. Parking regulations will be strictly enforced. Please cooperate and park in the designated areas.

8. No outside alcohol is allowed on the fairgrounds. All alcohol must be purchased and must remain in the entertainment tent/beer garden. This policy will be strictly enforced. The possession or sale of any liquor or other intoxicants is strictly prohibited. This rule will be rigidly enforced by the officers of the grounds.

9. Fair rules must be adhered to. Infringement of rules or anyone conducting themselves in a disorderly or unsportsmanlike conduct will be brought before the discipline committee and handled accordingly. Premiums maybe withheld.

10. Anyone creating or causing a disturbance shall be removed from the grounds by security.

11. Final Interpretation of the rules will be up to the McHenry County Fair Association Executive Committee.



14. The McHenry County Fair Association holds an annual County Fair at the Fairgrounds on Country Club Road. In addition to the fair, various individuals, groups and associations hold other events at the Fairgrounds. While some of these events are private, many are open to the public and involve the use of one or more buildings on the grounds. Tobacco use has been determined to contribute to ill health in humans. Tobacco advertising detracts from family events and often attempts to appeal to minors. The Fair Association, through the Board, has an opportunity to create and sustain an environment that supports non-tobacco use through a tobacco-free policy, rule enforcement, and adult-peer role modeling during the fair and other events. Therefore, it shall be the policy of the McHenry County Fair Association to prohibit the use of tobacco use, and tobacco advertising, in various locations of the fair, including buildings, barns and gathering areas as identified in the guidelines below.

15. Tobacco Use Guidelines: The McHenry County Fair Association shall:

      a. Prohibit the use of tobacco in all buildings, barns, grandstands and some other public gathering areas, designating smoking areas within the grounds;
      b. Post signage identifying both areas where smoking is prohibited and where it is allowed;
      c. Prohibit advertising of tobacco products on the fairgrounds,
      d. Prohibit the sale of tobacco on the fairgrounds;
      e. Prohibit the distribution of free tobacco products on the fairgrounds;
      f. Refuse to accept money directly from a tobacco company for sponsorship or prize money;
      g. Extend this policy to other individuals, groups or agencies that rent or lease the property.
            h. This policy is effective the date of passage by the Board of Directors.