Must be a member to sit on a committee

McHenry County is a wonderful place to own a business, send our youth to school and provide quality entertainment for those that live here. The McHenry County Fair Association is dedicated to helping our community continue to be an excellent place to live and raise our families. We would like to find members willing to help the McHenry County Fair and all that we do.

The McHenry County Fair Association provides quality education opportunities during year round events that are either held on the Fairgrounds, or run by the McHenry County Fair Association. We work closely with the McHenry County Farm Bureau and the McHenry County Extension office. Currently the Association’s members work to make sure there is family and outdoor entertainment available year round on the fairgrounds.

By becoming an association member and being able to vote, we can share new ideas to help our community. We need you! If you want to be part of a growing and dynamic organization, help to make the fair a success, and support the McHenry County Community, please consider becoming a member of the McHenry County Fair Association.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the McHenry County Fair Association, please fill out the  membership application.

Annual membership dues of $10.00 or lifetime dues of $130.00 per member will need to be paid for application to be completed. Applications are due to the fair office by August 9, 2020 prior to 6:00 pm for membership that runs from September 2020-August 2021. With your lifetime membership you will receive a season pass for the fair every year.