Sponsorship Opportunities

The McHenry County Fair Association is actively seeking members of our community willing to help support the events, activities and infrastructure at the McHenry County Fairgrounds. This year’s fair is August 1st thru August 6th with the theme of “Carving Out Our Future”. We are very excited to offer some new events and welcome back events and people that help to keep the McHenry County Fair one of the last truly agriculture partner fairs in this area.

We have been working hard to bring awareness to all that we have to offer at the fairgrounds during fair and throughout the year. We are proud of the educational component that we have at our events. We feel like it is important to continue to support the agricultural part of McHenry County and help us hang on to our “field to table” roots. Looking forward with an eye to the future we will continue to offer family events that are relevant today.

In keeping with the traditions of past fairs and looking to the exciting opportunities for future fairs, we are asking for your support to continue to provide fun, family events that help to make our communities stronger.

Please look over the different sponsorship possibilities. There are many ways to get involved and support the McHenry County Fair Association and thus the McHenry County Fair. Your monetary support is greatly appreciated. There are other ways to get involved with volunteering opportunities or becoming a McHenry County Fair Association member. Members of the Association help guide the future of the fairgrounds based on the wants and needs of the McHenry County community.
Please consider supporting your McHenry County Fair Association and help us keep educational, fun events appropriate to families and the McHenry County Fairgrounds. If you have any questions or want to get involved please contact the Fair office.